Chef Hollie Greene Rottman               April 23rd 2019

"I have already finished the yummy tea you brought, and dove into both energy balls last night at 3am!

My breakfast was extra yummy with the soda bread and we are going to ravish the stew today."

"I greatly appreciated your loving, nourishing meals!

I think what you are doing is really needed by new moms." 

Amy Nghe                                                            June 19, 2018

"Lisa's meals are so delicious and comforting. I really enjoyed the green papaya & fish soup - it had a great balance of flavors and was so nourishing. Also, the protein bites were a great healthy snack that I couldn't stop eating!"


Adrienne Warmsley                      June 29th, 2018

"The daily ritual tea is so delicious and surprisingly rich without being too decadent! It is warm and soothing, while still providing energy. I always request mine with the cashew and chia seed milk and agave nectar for sweetness, I can never go back commercial tea blends again."

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