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Bia Don Dia: {bee-a-don-dee-a}




Bia Don Dia is Gaelic for 'food for the God', God the creator, our own creator...our mother. I offer the mother a sacred safe space during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, to unfold & transition from maiden to motherhood. I nourish them & nurture them with traditional postpartum meals & rituals, with the intention of a smooth recovery, emotional support, gentle guidance & creating a loving relationship with their new child.


Bia Don Dia was created for radical Mothers. It is here to play an important role in our community, supporting the mother & her family during this transition.

My intention is to deepen the mothers' connection with Mother Earth as she journeys into her role as a guardian to a new special being, to nurture & nourish her as her body heals from birth, and to create a sacred space for her to bond with her baby.

This is done by eating healing foods, bathing in medicinal herbs and moving through the postpartum period with gentle sustainable living practices.


The level of care you receive during this time will impact your health and wellbeing for the rest of your life. The uterus is a powerful & very warm organ. During pregnancy, it has grown more than 15 times its original size to birth your baby.

The following weeks after birth, the womb & the surrounding internal organs are slowly healing and returning to their pre-birth state.


Once a baby is born, the mother is extremely hypersensitive to the environment around her. Whilst your body heals, it is vital that you are properly nourished with warm healing foods, elixirs, and herbs to aid in your recovery.

Until the womb has returned to the similar pre-birth state, it is very important to rest in your home as much as possible. 

This takes 6-8 weeks at the very least. This is a practice used by many cultures around the world for centuries; la cuarentena in Mexico, zuo yuezi in China, jappa in India, sarántisma in Greece, samchilil in Korea. 


This approximate 40-day lying-in period is for the mother and baby to rest together and the entire focus is on creating a sacred quiet space for bonding and healing. Cold foods during this time are very limited if included at all. They slow down the body's blood circulation, which therefore makes the body work twice as much to metabolize and put a halt to the recovery process. 


You can see on the menu page of thoughtfully put together traditional postpartum meals, elixirs and herbal teas packed with the nourishment & nutrition your body needs to heal during this time.

The ingredients serve to replenish lost nutrients, aid in milk production, calm the nervous system, and restore energy and warmth to the body after your labor & delivery. 





Traditional Birth and Postpartum care, including healing foods and rituals.





About Eilís

Eilís grew up in a village in the south-east of Ireland and moved to Oakland, California in 2015 where her journey as a birth-keeper and postpartum care provider began. 



Eilís works primarily in alignment with tradition Mexican Medicine, & Celtic traditions, continuing ancient birth and postpartum rituals from both her own and her husbands linegages.

She is very intentional about upholding the legacy of the traditions with respect to originators of these healing practices.

'The level of care you receive during this time will impact your health and wellbeing for the rest of your life.

I simply wish to care for the new mother so she can care for her baby and enjoy this magical time welcoming them into the world'.

Eilis Galvez
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