Tús faith leath na hoibre.

A good start is half of the work.


Green Papaya & Fish Soup

Green papaya is a popular galactagogue across Asia, and so this dish is a very popular choice for the new mother. Papaya is a medicinal food that can boost the quantity of your breastmilk. Paired with fresh ginger, wild fish, and peanuts this amazingly aromatic soup will also increase your energy and enhance inner warmth. 



Green papaya,

fresh wild cod, scallion onions,

tomatoes, red dates,

peanuts, ginger (P)


Roasted Butternut Squash  Soup

This delicious sweet and spicy soup is the perfect evening meal. Butternut squash is high in vitamins A & C, both very important for a strong immune system and reproductive health. I used two of my favorite postpartum spices in this soup, rosemary and ginger.

Both used extensively within traditional postpartum care, they bring warmth & strength into the body.





Butternut squash, carrots,

yellow onion, red potato,

ghee, ginger, rosemary,

Himalayan salt, black pepper 



Shiitake & Miso Broth

The shitake mushroom has become the Asian symbol for longevity. It contains immune system regulating properties, along with antibacterial, antiviral, and blood clot inhibiting properties. 

After giving birth your immune system can become weakened. For people who suffer from regular colds and flu, it's important to take extra care of your

immune system after giving birth,

 The combination of these ingredients along with how precisely it is prepared, it is guaranteed this soup will have you feeling better moments after drinking it. 



Shiitake mushrooms, yellow miso,

ginger, rice vinegar

(V) (S)





Also known as 'A king's soup',  but we will use queen this time.

This is an old Irish recipe, perfect for postpartum. Our adrenal glands & kidneys work together. Often times during a 'difficult' pregnancy or labour, our adrenal glands & kidneys are over-worked, producing high amounts of stress hormones. 

Leeks reinforce the kidneys, warm the body, activate blood circulation, and nourish the endocrine system, allowing the body to become centered and rebalanced. 

Paired with rolled oats & chicken stock, this soup is easily digestible and very nourishing. This is a delight for your body after giving birth.


Leeks, rolled oats, coconut milk,

parsley, chicken stock,

black pepper, thyme,

oregano, Himalayan salt 

Chicken Bone Broth

In many cultures, bone broth is the first meal served to the new mother. Bone broth is excellent for nutrient absorption. It is a source of bio-available nutrients and in an easy to digest form. The gelatin and amino acid structure combined is very soothing & softening for the body. It is a very gentle yet powerful broth, perfect for replenishing lost nutrients during labour. 


Chicken carcus, carrots, scallions,

ginger & garlic & red dates.

Beef Bone Broth

We lose a lot of fluid during labour; blood, sweat, tears, urine, amniotic fluid... Then your amazing body begins to produce and excrete breastmilk, which requires even more, in fact, a lot of hydration! 

Bone broth is naturally high in electrolytes, it will instantly hydrate your body

and replenish lost minerals.

Enjoy this broth at any time of the day, or night! 



Beef bones, yellow onion, carrots, celery, garlic, apple cider vinegar, black pepper

Creamy Vegetable Soup

Thick, creamy, sweet & earthy vegetable soup is very simple and heartwarming, the ultimate postpartum comfort food. 


Carrots, red potatoes, yellow onion,

zucchini, cauliflower, ghee, 

thyme, oregano, Celtic sea salt,

black pepper



Seaweed Soup

This seaweed soup is THE dish to replenish the new mother in Korea.

It's eaten everyday, often multiple times a day! 

Traditionally known as 'miyeokguk', and nick-named 'birthday soup', because not only is it served to the mother after she has given birth, but also on each child's birthday thereafter to commemorate the journey that mother & baby went through together. 

Seaweed is high in iodine which helps supports the thyroid glad and increases energy levels. Seaweed is also very high in vitamins & minerals which support the bodies milk production.

Wakame seaweed, organic grass-fed beef,

shiitake mushrooms,

garlic, yellow onion,

toasted sesame oil, tamari sauce



Leafy Greens & Quinoa Soup

deliciously filling soup that is packed with iron and protein to promote healing and energy production. 

Dark leafy greens are an excellent source of  folate, antioxidants, vitamin k and fiber. 

Paired along side some high quality grain quinoa, this dish gives you satisfying slow energy release. 

Kale, spinach, red potato,

yellow onion, carrot, parsnip,

Celtic sea salt, black pepper, garlic,

ghee, thyme

Served with quinoa & fresh leafy greens




Recovery Stew

Stew, a common dish in many cultures. And also a postpartum go-to.

This recipe I created during my own postpartum period, I found it very comforting, deliciously filling, and I always went for a second bowl. Stews tend to taste even better on the second or third day, I love to make a large pot and eat it throughout the week.

I'll never get tired of the aromatic flavors in this

meal, the sweetest from the potatoes, the slightly nutty taste from the hemp seeds & subtle bitterness from saffron. 


Garnet sweet potato, Japanese sweet potato,

green lentils, shiitake mushroom, 

carrots, tomatoes,

red onion, hemp seeds, ghee,

thyme,  oregano, garlic, saffron,

Himalayan salt, black pepper



Sesame & Ginger Egg Fried Rice
With Seasoned Black Beans 
Honey Roasted Carrots

Traditional Irish Beef Stew

This flavorsome dish is one of the most common traditional Chinese 

meals served to the new mother.

Ginger and sesame are very warm foods, they bring heat & balance to the body & are excellent for the womb's healing. 

This dish is light on the digestive system and is extremely satisfying. 




Basmati rice, kale

free-range chicken eggs,

ginger, garlic,

sesame oil, scallions,

Himalayan salt & black pepper

Carrots, local Berkeley honey,

rosemary, Himalayan salt, black pepper

Black beans, cumin, thyme, 

black pepper, sea salt



Probably the best known of all traditional Irish dishes, this stew is served on many an occasion in an Irish household.

It's extremely nourishing, warming, loved & gobbled down by all the family.

A great offering for the new mother &

a large pot will feed a family for days!

Organic grass-fed beef, 

red potatoes, yellow onion,

carrots, parsley, oxtail broth,

Celtic sea salt, black pepper


Congee & Chinese Spice Tea Eggs
 With Collard Greens
Black Sesame Seed Paste

Congee is a traditional Asian dish, commonly served to the parent after birth.

 This rice porridge is easily digested & slowly releases carbohydrates into the body for long-lasting energy. Sesame seeds are a lactogenic food, a rich source of calcium, they serve to increase milk production.

 Served with marinated eggs, & collard greens, all the spices & flavors will not only excite your palette but boost your energy & provide much nourishment & warmth to your uterus. 



Balsmati rice, collard greens, 

ginger, turmeric, garlic,

black sesame seeds, 

 Marinated tea eggs: free-range organic eggs,

tamari sauce, coconut sugar, black tea, Chinese 5 spice

(S) (D)


Chickpea & Spinach

 Coconut Curry

A creamy & sweet yellow curry goes down so well after a busy day. This dish is hearty yet light on our digestive systems. There are so many flavors & textures to this dish, it is one of my favorites. I've paired it with honey roasted rosemary carrots which taste phenomenal with the savory earthy curry spice. Chickpeas are one of the oldest consumed crops in the world. They are high in fiber, folate, and protein & have slow-releasing carbohydrates. 



Chickpeas, spinach,

red potato, golden potato,

scallions, coconut cream,

curry powder, ginger, turmeric,

garlic, Himalayan pink salt, black pepper


Carrots, local Berkeley honey, rosemary, black pepper, Himalayan pink salt 


Zucchini Noodle Cashew Alfredo

Italian food is great comfort food.  

This creamy, cheesy-tasting noodle dish is grain free, plant-based and deliciously nutritious. 

Zucchini squash is high in vitamin C and contains anti-inflammatory properties. They make a great vegetable noodle, along with protein-packed chickpeas. 

Served with garlic roasted mushrooms, sun-dried olive oil tomatoes, covered in a creamy nutty and 'cheesy' sauce.   




Zucchini noodles, chickpea noodles,

crimini mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes,

bell pepper, scallions, 


nutritional yeast, garlic,

coconut milk,

Himalayan pink salt, black pepper



Cacao & Avocado Pudding

Cacao, the famous Amazonian superfood.

It is the highest plant-based source of iron and magnesium known to humans, and it is also very high in antioxidants & calcium. Cacao is a natural anti-depressant & muscle relaxer. 

Whipped together with avocado & coconut cream makes an amazingly fluffy chocolate pudding. Topped with cacao nibs & coconut flakes with subtle chunks of dates for extra yumminess.



Cacao powder, avocado,

medjool dates, coconut-cream,

cacao nibs, coconut flakes



Protein bites

These treats are small but mighty.

They are high in protein & promote  fertility health. Maca root is rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids & protein. It has been used extensively as a hormone balancer. It serves to help sexual function, and enhance energy. Along side goji berries, also supporting the male & female reproductive systems, they provide high amounts of antioxidants & nutrients which protect the body from high levels of inflammation & fight off free-radicals.



Oatmeal, almonds, flaxseed,

maca powder, goji berries,

almond butter, honey,

cinnamon, vanilla extract


Matcha Zucchini Muffins

Matcha is basically an antioxidant powerhouse. It has the most antioxidants than any other superfood, 6 times more than goji berries! This magical green powder is rich in fiber, chlorophyll, and vitamins. It is proven to enhance mood & aids in concentration. It is especially good at lowering cholesterol & blood pressure.

I choose to add oat flour & zucchini to this recipe, to give lasting energy and a fluffy moist texture. 



Home-made oat flour, matcha,

zucchini squash, coconut sugar,

coconut oil,

walnuts, cacao nibs, 

vanilla extract, baking powder,

free range local chicken egg

(D) (N)

Rice Pudding

As children whenever we got sick we were always given rice milk pudding.

It's warming, comforting, sweet and goes down very well any time of the day. 



Pearl rice, coconut milk, 

raisins, cinnamon,

vanilla essense, cane sugar


Chocolate Date Bars

These simple wholesome treats are decadently healthy, rich, nutty and chocolatey, what more could you want?

They are slow energy releasing and a real sensual treat. 



Dates, peanuts,

cacao nibs, sea salt

(V) (P)


Golden Milk

Turmeric is a powerful anti-oxidant,

anti- microbial, & anti-inflammatory.

It has been dubbed 'king' of relieving muscle & joint pain. Turmeric also enhances gut health and boosts your respiratory and immune systems.


Ginger too is loaded with anti-inflammatory and

anti-viral properties.

A dash of black pepper is added for proper absorption of turmerics nutrients. Turmeric then releases agents to aid in digestion and combat anemia. 



Turmeric, ginger, cinnamon,

homemade ghee, black pepper,

local raw honey, 

coconut milk.


Cashew & Chia Milk

The word 'chia' comes from an ancient Mayan language meaning strength.

Chia seeds are high in protein, and rich in calcium & phosphorus. Paired with cashews, this milk is deliciously creamy and packed with protein. It can be added to your tea or had slighted heated for a creamy energizing beverage.



Cashews, chia seeds,

medjool dates vanilla extract,

alkaline water


Hemp & Poppy Seed Milk

Hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious, they are exceptional high in omega-3 &

omega 6. They serve as a high quality protein source and can improve symptoms of PMS.

Hemp seeds are full of fibre which results in better digestive health.

 Poppy seeds in India (khuskhus) are commonly given to the nursing mother. First roasted then turned into a powder & traditional served in warm milk.

Poppy seeds help relax your mind and body. Their high zinc content aids in faster recovery of wounds, and facilitates stronger immunity. 

Add this milk to tea, smoothies, or  enjoy it in its simplest form. 


Hemp seeds,  roasted poppy seeds,

medjool dates,

vanilla extract, alkaline water


Daily Ritual Tea

(Herbal Infusion)

This blend of medicinal herbs is great for overall well-being.

 Each herb is carefully selected to support the mind and body in every way.

Oatstraw strengthens the nervous system, nourishes uterus, ovaries & thyroid, eases inflammation & reduces pain. Nettle is extremely high in iron which helps prevent hemorrhaging after birth. It nourishes our nervous, endocrine and circulatory system and  is highly energizing. Red raspberry leaf tones the uterus, aids lactation, and eases after birth contractions.

Dandelion root promotes liver health, soothes digestive ailments and some women find that it stimulates milk production. For those who suffer from constipation in the first few weeks postpartum, dandelion root can be a helpful gentle laxative.

Red clover blossom contains every trace mineral! It is known as the world's 'anti-cancer herb', it alkalizes the body and relaxes the nervous system. It is also very good for female fertility health.


Oatstraw, red raspberry leaf,

nettle leaf, dandelion root

red clover blossom


Postpartum Tea

(Mexican Traditional Medicine)

Folks who practice MTM are given this special blend of herbs within the first hour after giving birth.

This tea is given in 3 quart jars, for you to enjoy in the morning, afternoon & at night, with a little extra for some midnight sipping or to share with your partner. 

Ginger is used for circulation and brings warmth to the body & womb. Clove helps to relieve pain. Yarrow and chamomile are used to warm the womb, speed healing and stop bleeding in the postpartum period. Nettle has a very high mineral content, as well as B vitamins and iron.

All of which are essential for the new parent.


Cinnamon, ginger, star anis,

peppercorns, clove,

chamomile, yarrow, nettle, 

red raspberry leaf, plantain leaf 


Turmeric & Cacao Elixir

Turmeric & cinnamon adds delicious warmth to the rich cacao, along with the sweet and creaminess of milk & honey, makes for a simple indulgence yet lavish sensory experience.

Cacao stimulates blood flow to the entire body, promoting faster healing & recovery.

The active constituent; theobromine actually translates to 'Food of the gods'.


Turmeric, cacao,

cinnamon, black pepper,

raw local honey, coconut milk


Oat & Maca Milk

 This milk is great for female productive health. Oats are said to enhance breast milk quality, and maca powder is used extensively as a hormone balancer.

Paired together, oats & maca make this drink highly energizing and nutritive. 

Great served warmed in the morning time.



Rolled oats, maca powder,

medjool dates, cinnamon, alkaline water (V)

Breastmilk Enhancer

(Herbal Infusion)


(Herbal Infusion)

Breastfeeding is far easier when your body is relaxed & hormones are balanced. 

Oat-straw strengthens the nervous & thyroid systems, allowing the body to come into alignment & balanced

after birth. 

Fenugreek seed and ajwain are given to the new mother in India to enhance breastmilk.  A key compound in fenugreek (diosgenin), has been shown experimentally to increase milk flow. Ajwain is used to treat gas & acidity in the body, it can give great relief to a baby with colic symptoms & allow them to digest more easily.

Goat's rue or galega officinalis, is very well known for its galactagogue properties. It literally translates to 

Gale = milk, ega = to bring on. Its properties stimulate the development of mammary tissue & maintain breast health during lactation.  





Oat-straw, fenugreek seed,

ajwain, goat's rue (V)

 Postpartum is a time of change, transitioning, growth & balance.

Not only am I talking about your new lifestyle as a parent, but also equally important, your body's ability to navigate you through this new world.

There is a very natural, yet sometimes dramatic dip or change in hormones after giving birth, and this unique blend of herbs can help naturally balance & regulate these new changes in our endocrine & nervous systems.

Lemon balm is very well known for treating anxiety & depression, as well as improving cognitive function.

Skullcap is commonly used among Northen American tribes as a female medicinal herb. It is an extremely effective nerve tonic that can rebuild and restore a damaged or exhausted nervous system - works very well alongside oat-straw. Lavender is an amazing muscle relaxer & excellent for calming the mind before sleep. 



Oat-straw, lemon balm,

skullcap, lavender. (V)


Atole is another famous fermented Mexican drink, (Nahuat:ātōlli),

commonly given to the new Mother after giving birth. It is a hot drink made from fermented masa (corn) and raw cacao.

Masa, cacao, coconut milk,

local honey, cinnamon


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