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Closing of the Bones Ceremony

La Sobada y la Cerrada de Caderas

A traditional Mexican ritual, using the healing herbal infused oils of wormwood, calendula and yarrow, this massage soothes inflammation, relieves water retention and congestion, aids in detoxification, and helps the uterus realign after birth.

Through skilled and loving touch, the new mama has the support she needs and her body is allowed to self-heal.

Closing the Bones involves  closing all energetic focal points in the body. Giving birth is a powerful spiritual and physical experience. After the body has physically and energetically opened to give birth, it is in a vulnerable state and it can be easy for our own animistic forces to leave the body. We call the spirit back into the body by working with la faja (special handwoven shawl for postpartum wear) and through this ceremony.

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My husband and I met Eilís, through close friends when I was 12 weeks into my pregnancy and we felt an instant spiritual connection with her.


With remarkable knowledge, kindness and caring she guided us through that beautiful path. She helped me with my nutrition, my questions and my worries. I had ingredients to make my meals stronger, teas and herbs to rise my immunity and allow my body to do what it was made to do.


At 39 weeks, the moment had arrived and she was there. As I had dreamed of, I brought my baby boy into the world in the most safe, calm and relaxed environment as possible. 

Surrounded by love, at home with zero medical intervention. He came strong and healthy and I couldn't be more happy and grateful for her support.

She was extremely important also after the birth. I had special teas, herbal compresses and vaginal steam bath that were gifts to my body.

After my birth, I received another gift, the Closing go the Bones Ceremony.

The steam bath and special massage, the tiredness and tension of the new mama's life was shaken out of me.

The perfect closure and start for this new and lovely life.

Receiving this ancient medicine was such a rich experience.

After childbirth I felt quite open and vulnerable. I had a coldness in my womb space. After receiving the closing of the bones ceremony I can happily say that feeling has subsided.


Eilís has a special way of listening and hearing your birth story that helps you recalibrate and move forward. I'm so grateful to have met this wise woman.

Closing of the Bones 

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