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Please reach out via email if you are interested in any of the offerings below

Prenatal & Birth Doula


Prenatal services include emotional & educational support as you prepare for your birth. During our time together we will get to know each other, discuss your plans, queries, and concerns about giving birth. I offer professional guidance and hold space for you so you can have the birth you want and deserve.







Traditional postpartum care in alignment with traditional Mexican medicine from the moment you give birth up until 3 months postpartum. Together we honor your sacred postpartum to allow for optimal recovery, healing, and bonding with your baby.










I offer a special healing space for mamas & papas who are experiencing miscarriage or stillbirth.

We can discuss gentle self-care, holistic remedies for dealing with shock, trauma & grief. You lead the way through the healing process, I offer a listening ear as a mama who also gave birth to an angel baby, and if requested, other recommendations and resources.

We can communicate via whichever outlet you feel comfortable; in-person, phone, text, video call, email. 









The placenta holds medicine powered by your own body. You choose whether to have your placenta encapsulated, tinctured, or both. I will collect your placenta after your birth and return to you  2-3 days later with instructions for use. Please read more information about placenta medicine here.







Traditional PP Doula
Baby loss support
Placenta Medicine
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